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Unique jewellery

– with inspiration from fashion, film, art, friends, customers and comics

Design your own piece of jewellery

Do you have your own design that you want to realize or a piece of jewellery that you wish to have reworked? I’ll be happy to help you, so dig out your chest of drawers or a sketch of your dream piece of jewellery and come into the studio.

Creating a specially designed piece of jewellery with me is largely based on discussions between us where sketches, pictures, patterns, materials and models are included as inspiration. This is often a good start for coming up with your own design. You are most welcome to contact me if you are interested in a meeting or want to hear about the various options. It is also possible to create jewellery from your own old heirloom gold – imagine having your loved ones’ material in your new gold ring! Welcome to your goldsmith in Malmö and let’s design the perfect piece of jewelry together.

The path to a piece of jewellery can be both straight and crooked. Sometimes the inspiration has to catch up with a piece of jewellery that has been started, so that the piece simply has to sit there and then blossom into its final piece. Sometimes it is chance that creates the jewellery during the creative process – a mistake can become a hit.

My collections


From plain silver- or gold rings to diamond rings – use them to reflect your personality or your mood.


Statement jewellery and stylish earrings that can give a feminine or masculine impression.


Whether minimalistic, sculptural or bold, it embraces the wrist and highlights your personality and style


A necklace in gold or silver is a stylish accessory for both everyday life and parties. Let the necklace reflect your personality.


The perfect accent – a unique craft that gives an elegant look.


Add a decorative detail with a silver brooch. Unique and stylish design.

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