1028 ring silver

3000,00 kr

Cast ring in sterling silver 925. Circumference 23 mm height 4-1 mm, weight 26g approx.

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Ring storlek

45 mm, 46 mm, 45 mm, 46 mm, 47 mm, 48 mm, 49 mm, 50 mm, 51 mm, 52 mm, 53 mm, 54 mm, 55 mm, 56 mm, 57 mm, 58 mm, 59 mm, 60 mm, 61 mm, 62 mm, 63 mm, 64 cm, 65 mm, 66 mm, 67 mm, 68 mm, 69 mm, 70 mm, 71 mm, 72 mm, 73 mm, 74 mm, 75mm, 76 mm

Measure your ring size

The best way to find out your size is if you have an appropriately sized ring that fits the exact finger you want to order a ring for, measure the inner diameter with a caliper. The measure you get is x Pi, which is 3.14. I.e. if your ring measures 21 mm with the caliper, you take 21 x 3.14 = 65.94 mm you get then. And then it's a 66 mm in circumference, which is the scale we use.

You can also go to a goldsmith and have your finger measured: Then say that you want to know your size in circumference. I.e. the length around your finger.

We have developed another suggestion below that you can use.

The size of our rings is the circumference around the finger.
If you don't know what size you have, you can follow the description below.
The circumference in mm can be used to estimate your size.

Take a piece of string or cardboard and wrap it around the finger you want to measure.
Mark the points where the two ends meet.
Measure the string or cardboard with a ruler.
The measurements you get in mm are our sizes
Remember that the knuckle of the finger is thicker and that the ring must come over the knuckle.