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Thomas Everlund is trained as a goldsmith in Copenhagen and has worked with goldsmiths in Copenhagen, Stockholm and now Malmö. He has held a goldsmith's certificate since 2002. Other studies include art history at Stockholm University and literary studies at Umeå University.
As a classically trained goldsmith, I love the craft – making the raw metal transform and refine in my hands. I work mostly in silver with my collections and am often generous with the material. Sometimes leather or plastic can also be used to achieve a softer and warmer expression. The inspiration comes from fashion, film, art and comics, but also from friends and customers - with a clear design idea about the power of simplicity.
I also design and manufacture special orders in silver and gold in collaboration with the customer. Sometimes we start from old chest of drawers gold that turns into a new, personal piece of jewelry. I also repair broken quality jewellery.
Sustainable purchases are important to me. I therefore only use 100% recycled secondary precious metals from Swedish suppliers. In addition, all diamonds are conflict-free, i.e. their origin is guaranteed by the Kimberly process.

Small unique series

Jewellery with soul

Each piece of jewellery becomes unique as I sit and solder, file, saw and polish my jewellery. Since all the jewellery is produced by me in my studio, it is about small series. Visit me in Holmgången in Malmö to get a closer look and try on the jewellery.

A warm welcome!

Jewellery collections

Design your own jewellery

Quality repairs


Formargruppen, Engelbrektsgatan 8, Malmö

Annabell Keramik, Storgatan 19, Simrishamn

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